To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Tom Marzullo, who served a tour in the Republic of Vietnam as an operator with SOG, sent an e-mail addressed to seventeen (17) individuals concerning objectionable actions by individuals involved in a CNN/Time Warner expose.  I was not on that list but one of the persons who received it forwarded the e-mail to me on July 17, 1998 because he knew the remarks Mr. Marzullo had made about me were entirely false and a complete lie.

Immediately I contacted Mr. Marzullo by phone and a heated conversation was exchanged.  Mr. Marzullo admitted the statement about me was not true.  He said he knew it to be untrue but he had been told to send it out in his e-mail anyway.  When I asked who told him to include this misstatement in the e-mail he refused to tell me.  To this day Mr. Marzullo denies sending the e-mail or ever speaking with me.  I am in possession of the e-mail in question and, several days ago, provided a copy of the document to Mr. Marzullo.  Other individuals are also in possession of the e-mail in question and remember the incident.

This is but one example of Mr. Marzullo’s inability to deal with the truth.  During this same time period he, by self-appointment, became the Crusader or Point Man against CNN and Time Magazine about a program on “Operation Tailwind” that CNN televised accusing the men of “B” Company, U.S. Army Special Forces of using Sarin Gas and committing other heinous crimes.  Mr. Marzullo was also working with a group on filing suit against CNN and Time Magazine that went on air with the false expose about “Operation Tailwind”

I was approached about joining this suit but at that time I was not interested in participating in a lawsuit.  To the best of my knowledge the other individuals who were members of “B” Company were not approached to join that suit.

After learning more about that particular suit I decided it was not in my best interest to join this particular group suit.  I felt it was frivolous and the demands being made were unrealistic.  Eventually that lawsuit was thrown out of court by the Judge.

The story of Operation Tailwind became larger than life and the members of “B” Company team were excoriated for atrocities that never happened. Consequently I retained my own attorney and filed suit against CNN on behalf of the men who actually participated in Operation Tailwind.  Several of the men who were on that mission had already begun litigation and elected not to participate in my suit.  The majority of the men on Tailwind under my command during the operation joined forces with me.  It appears that, even sixteen (16) years later, there is still resentment from Mr. Marzullo and some of his followers because I, along with the other men of Company “B”, did not join together with him in his lawsuit even though these men knew nothing of Mr. Marzullo’s suit.

Mr. Marzullo has insinuated, on several occasions, that I used legal services and advice from Mr. Rudi Gresham.  Mr. Gresham is not an attorney and at no time did I receive help, legal or otherwise.  When Mr. Gresham was in the Department of Veterans Affairs he was a great help to me with several problems I had relating to my VA claim and medical treatment.  Mr. Gresham, during his tenure with the Department of Veterans Affairs, was instrumental in helping veterans from all branches.  However, he was especially sensitive to the SF/Special Op’s community and helped hundreds with their claims for benefits.  But Mr. Gresham had no part in my actions against CNN.

Mr. Marzullo is a very accomplished writer and puts a lot of effort into his work.  But, he has a problem adhering to the truth by distorting the truth and facts especially when they can be distorted to his advantage, the very thing he attempted to sue CNN over.

From what I’ve been told, Mr. Marzullo has a serious problem with credibility where much of the SF community is concerned because of his distortions.



/s/ Eugene C. McCarley

Eugene C. McCarley

LTC  USA (Retired)

Commander, Operation Tailwind.