Operation Tailwind


OPERATION TAILWIND:  On 7, 8, 14 and 15 June 1998 CNN presented a horrific report, world-wide, entitled Valley of Death-Operation Tailwind on the CNN program “Newstand”.  They charged that MACVSOG (Military Assistance Command Vietnam Studies and Observations Group) conducted a mission on 11 September 1970, in Laos, to kill American defectors and that Nerve gas […]

Where Was Tom Marzello?

July 4, 2016 Where Was Tom Marzello? I have read the DOD report (7/2/98),TV Guide(January 1996) and Jerry Lembckes’ book “CNN’s Tailwind Tale” numerous times. I have been unable to find any reference to a Tom Marzullo in any of these articles indicating his involvement or assistance in their inquiries. He claimed to be the […]