Endorsements & Letters

Letter from
President George W. Bush
Thanking Rudi for 8 years of service in his adminstrations 
Handwritten letter of Congratulations from
General Yarborough
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Margaret Thatcher
Former Prime Minister of The United Kingdom 

"I have worked with Rudi (Gresham) on many veterans projects.  He has traveled with me to military events, and helped coordinate my visits.  Rudi has always represented veterans with pride, professionalism, and a sense of duty that I admire and respect."  

Ross Perot

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American business magnate, billionaire, and philanthropist

"Please allow me to compliment and commend Mr. Rudi Gresham for his unparalleled efforts which I had the pleasure of observing and supporting recently.  Mr. Gresham took a terribly contentious and almost libelous issue head-on in the national media, and with tenacity, perseverance and unwavering loyalty and patriotism, assured accurate information was provided to the American public"

John A Smith

Colonel, US Army
Office of the Chief of Public Affairs

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"I can think of no other officer that I have had the pleasure of serving with in Special Forces that is more qualifed in the field of public relations than Rudi Gresham. The expertise that you have in Special Force's and the fields of public relations will greatly improve "The Special Forces Association" and the Vietnam Veterans Institute. The accomplishments that you have demonstrated in the skills of patriotism, public events (national and local), Special Forces and the US Army bring credit upon yourself and those that you love in contact with in this great country."

Lee Mize

Colonel, USA (Ret)
Medal of Honor recipient

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"I have known Rudi H. Gresham for nearly 50 years.  Without question, he is a fine American and a truly dedicated patriot.  I knew him when he was the Aide de Camp to Lieutenant General William Yarborough, US Army, and while he was with the Special Forces B Detachment in Pleiku, Vietnam in 1964."

Victor J. Hugo, Jr. 

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Major General, US Army (Retired)


Memorandum for General Colin Powell                                                "It is my understanding that you are compiling a list of possible candidates for various positions in the Department of Defense in the event that Govenor George W. Bush is elected as out next President.     In that event, I strongly recommend that the Honorable Rudi Gresham of Round O, South Carolina, be selected to serve as the Secretary of the U.S. Army.  For many years, Mr. Gresham has been involved in numerous important matters affecting the U.S. Army, and has been one of the Army's most effective champions.  He is a man of ipecable integrity who does not hesitate to weigh in on important issues involving our Armed Forces, especially where our Nation's Army is concerned."

General, U.S.Army, (Ret)

Bruce Palmer, Jr.

Letter from the Special Forces Association
to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs 

signed by:

"I congratulate you on the occassion of your appointment as Executive Director by the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Veterans Institute.           YourGreen Beret background in Vietnam, together with your distinguished record of loyalty to your Republic and outstanding patriotism makes you a real asset to the Vietnam Veterans and the Institute.   Well Done.""

W. C. Westmoreland

General, United States Army, Retired

President Special Forces Association

James C Dean

Wayne Lawley

PresidentSecretary/ Administrator Special Forces Association

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