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where was tom marzello?

July 4, 2016

Where Was Tom Marzello?

I have read the DOD report (7/2/98),TV Guide(January 1996) and Jerry Lembckes’ book “CNN’s Tailwind Tale” numerous times.

I have been unable to find any reference to a Tom Marzullo in any of these articles indicating his involvement or assistance in their inquiries. He claimed to be the leader in the fight against CNN/Time Magazine to debunk a program called “Valley of Death” that was April Oliver’s version of an operation conducted in RVN by Special Forces Commando’s, but he was not on the operation nor was he in any support capacity.  The program was aired on national TV by CNN.

Marzullo claims to be the “Point Man” in his crusade against CNN yet he is not mentioned anywhere in any official or researched publications except as his claims are put forth in his own publications.  While he continues to portray himself as the leader or “Point Man”, he was not involved in any way, directly or indirectly nor has he ever been, in any capacity, in Operation Tailwind.  Nor has he contacted any of the Tailwind Group for help or information with his endeavor.  Any information he espouses comes from hearsay or embellishment of hearsay from others.

Tom Marzullo is indeed a legend – but only in his own mind.  In the mind of many, many others he is a phony that constantly struggles with the truth.

Eugene C.McCarley

LTC  USA (Ret.)

Commander, Operation Tailwind